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Together, we ensure that our customers always have a good feeling about their contracts and subscriptions.

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Keeping an eye on notice periods, negotiating the best rates, and always providing a good feeling about contracts. That's what we work on every day for over 2 million customers.

Do you want to be part of our team and make dealing with subscriptions a piece of cake? Then check out our open positions and join us!

How we work together


Every one of us is open to new ideas.

We are open to new ideas and concepts, as well as new colleagues. You want to share your thoughts with someone? Try the CEO - you may be sitting next to him right now. We all have an open ear for innovations, suggestions, and tips.


Everything is as it appears.

You always know what is expected of you at Volders because every one of us is authentic. We call a spade a spade instead of beating around the bush, even (and especially) when it comes to problems and difficulties. This allows you to relax and focus on your work.


You always know where you stand.

Because you always get open feedback from colleagues and supervisors. The better you can assess yourself, the better your results – and the easier your work will be. Naturally, you give your colleagues feedback as well so that they also know where they stand.

Sharing success

At Volders, we share success.

Every one of us is ambitious. And our job is a team sport: nobody puts their performance above that of the others. Since we know that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, the team is always on the winner’s podium. And in the end, we are all winners.


We handle trust with care.

We give you a lot of freedom to work independently. We have confidence in your abilities. And we know you don’t take this trust for granted, but rather as something to be handled with care.


You decide what happens.

Whether for each other or our customers, we take on responsibility – and are always aware of it. After all, whether our customers are and remain satisfied depends on us. Every one of us can influence the future of Volders. That includes you.


Thoroughly – or not at all.

We either do a thorough, accurate, and precise job – or we wouldn’t be Volders. Notice periods end on a particular date, not on an estimated one. If in doubt, take another look. Our customers appreciate it, and so does your team.

Your benefits

We offer a great work place, environment, plus a lot of extras.

Metro Card

Commute to work? We pay for your BVG ticket.

Central Location

Our office location is in the center of Berlin. Right in the heart of Kreuzberg at Moritzplatz.

Fruit & Drinks

Get your favorite fruit and soft drinks at our office.

Team Events

Although every day is an event at our company, we regularly treat ourselves with legendary team events!

Hybrid Culture

Whether you work from home most of the week or prefer to work from the office is up to you.

Town Hall Meetings

We'll feed you the latest information and delicious pizza. Vegan options available.

Dog-friendly Workplace

Don't just put a photo of your dog on your desk - instead, bring your four-legged friend friend with you!

Remote Work

Surfing right after finishing work? Possible with Volders - Work up to 2 months per year from abroad.

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